Mika and Kylie

This blog is dedicated mainly to Kylie and Mika's adventures. Kylie and Mika are both purebred Australian Shepherds.

Occasionally there will be other photography here, but it will generally tie in with their adventures.

We live in West Virginia, in case you're curious! c: Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
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  • ALS ice bucket

    So my sister got challenged to do the challenge… Which means I have to do it as well.

    Awesome. How many of you think I should upload it?

    ollietherottweiler said: I’m blown away by how pretty your dogs are and how good your photography is

    Ahh you’re entirely too sweet! <3 Thanks so much! c: It means a lot to me! I think they’re pretty too, even if they are complete jerks most of the time. Haha. c:

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