Mika and Kylie

This blog is dedicated mainly to Kylie and Mika's adventures. Kylie and Mika are both purebred Australian Shepherds.

Occasionally there will be other photography here, but it will generally tie in with their adventures.

We live in West Virginia, in case you're curious! c: Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
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  • 7/23/2014

    Zim is being absolutely ROTTEN today. He just wants to bitebitebite and gogogo. Exploring and bothering the cat and dogs, and biting me. Mostly biting me though. And harder than usual. That earned him a couple of scruffings and time out in his cage for a little bit. He’s probably just wound up, but still. :P He’s being a little brat today.

    Once the raining for days on end stops, these dogs absolutely need to get out and play. Plus I have like no photos to upload for you guys… So instead of dogs, the ferret will be hijacking their tumblr until we get out again to do something fun.. Sigh. 

    At least you guys like Zim, right? <3

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