Mika and Kylie

This blog is dedicated mainly to Kylie and Mika's adventures. Kylie and Mika are both purebred Australian Shepherds.

Occasionally there will be other photography here, but it will generally tie in with their adventures.

We live in West Virginia, in case you're curious! c: Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
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    • miladapted said: I haaaate stinging insects, but this is still an awesome shot!
    • 6woofs said: I would like this but I despise wasps!

    Don’t think I’m all buddybuddy with them either xD I freak out when I get near them… But It was sitting so pretty and I couldn’t help but take a picture. As long as they’re not flying around all pissed off, I’m good! Haha. And I wouldn’t have even posted it (Because I know a lot of people hate bugs), but I thought it was a pretty nice photo. :P Haha

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